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I. Customer Relationship Management - CRM

The customer relationship management system helps businesses build and develop good relationships with their customers by managing full and detailed customer information. With important features such as integration and statistics in the form of automatic reports, the system will help maximize the user's decision-making, minimize downtime, and improve work efficiency.

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II. E-commerce system

The e-commerce system is an online sales system that helps customers access and choose products from businesses quickly and easily. Customer support, online payment, and shipping services are integrated together to help optimize all business activities on the same device.

Hệ thống ERP

III. Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP

The ERP system provides a multi-functional, multi-departmental management solution that helps users collect, store, manage and analyze data from business activities. ERP system includes the following main modules: Inventory Management, Production Management, Sales Management, Purchasing Management.

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IV. Farm Management Information Systems - FMIS

FMIS includes the following modules: Farm Information and Statistics, Quality Management, and Plant Management. The system supports users to easily manage and capture information according to the characteristics of the planted farm under management.

Quản trị nhân sự

V. Human Resource Management - HRM

The HRM system is a comprehensive and intensive human resource management support system. The system includes detailed and specific modules: Training Registration, Performance Evaluation, Labor Contract, Recognition/Discipline, Leave, Personnel Information and Statistics.

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VI. Finance Accounting

The finance accounting system is an optimal solution in monitoring, measuring and managing the financial situation and results of production and business activities of enterprises. The system includes detailed modules: Financial/Accounting Management Module, Payment Requests, Actual Flow Reports, Revenues, Forecasts, and Business Results Analysis.